Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Helping" to Taste Test a New Cheese

Last Thursday after my CSA pick up I was able to sample a new cheese being created by Point Reyes Farmstead.  I have been selected as one of 20 cheese testers to give them tasting notes on the cheese samples we receive and post our experiences on the blog at Culture Magazine.  While I picked up my vegetables and socialized I day dreamed about the cheese that I would be tasting.  I also kept myself busy helping my friend Denise eat the spinach from her share.  If you want to read my impressions of the first cheese and the qualifications I have to help with this project head over the Culture Magazines's blog.

Here is a teaser:

My name is Robin Berger, you can find out more about me and what I like to cook on my food blog: http://blog.hippoflambe.com . There are no recipes for hippo on my site, I just threaten my children with serving it when I get tired of answering the question, “What’s for dinner?” Aside from being a foodie I have been a cheese lover all my life, happily eating from every category of cheese even when I was a child. When I was eight, a family friend once left me alone with an entire 10 inch wheel of Brie she was letting come to room temperature

Find the rest of the post here:  Sampling a New Cheese

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