Friday, August 13, 2010

A Peek in my Kitchen

While I am on vacation in Cape Cod cooking in this kitchen

please come and tour you the inside of my kitchen in Burlington and hear more about my family and I over at The Stir on  I have to admit I struggled with this opportunity and how real I wanted your peek at my kitchen to be.  I did clean it, but hopefully I managed to leave it looking real.  Just like the small well used kitchen it is.  I asked a friend once if my house was like a real home or one where the owners just set down in the middle without making it a home.  She told me it looked like we had moved in and started playing and cooking immediately.  She did a great job of telling me the truth and making it sound good.

Thanks to Kim Conte for being so patient with my response to this opportunity.  She asked me back in April, it took me until a week ago to submit my answers.  It is not because I spent that time cleaning my kitchen, instead I was deciding how clean to make it.

After all that, here is the Hippo Flambe feature at the Stir on

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