Monday, August 17, 2009

Eating Your Own Young

Four years ago when driving home from vacation on Cape Cod Lewis looked at me and said, "Do you know when animals eat their own young? It's in the car coming back from vacation. At the time he said that Sebastian was 3 and Julian was 5 months. Julian had been sleeping when Sebastian started screaming to wake him up, then they were both screaming. Then out of sheer boredom, and everything that goes along with being 3, Sebastian stuck a piece of Smart Food, the cheesy popcorn, up his nose. We were on a section of the thruway without any shoulder so we had to fly off at the next exit and pull into someone's driveway to extract the popcorn. A week later Sebastian was sitting at the table happily eating Smart Food, while being watched like a hawk, when he asked, "Do you know where you shouldn't put Smart Food?" When I asked him where he earnestly replied, "Up your nose."

Well four years later what we learned on that trip still holds true, you shouldn't put Smart Food up your nose and when we drive home from vacation we understand why animals eat their own young. It was 7:00 p.m. and the boys were in the back seat throwing things at each other and yelling. We were all hungry but there was no way I was going to take my over tired boys who had been hog tied in to their car seats for 3 hours in to a restaurant. Happily at that time we got off the Thruway to get gas in Randolph Vermont and we discovered a wonderful barbecue cart next to the Mobil station.

When we began looking at the menu we were all grumpy. I snapped at the boys as they were their usual picky selves deciding on something they would eat from the menu. The proprietress was really helpful, answering all my questions as I tried to find food that would work. She even let us sample the pulled pork, ostensibly so we would know if the rub on the pork, and by extension the chicken, would be to their liking. Julian refused to taste it, but Sebastian tried it and immediately declared he wanted the pulled pork not the chicken. We were further accommodated in making up a meal combination to suit Sebastian's tastes as he does not like meat sandwiches. Actually, to be honest, when it comes to sandwiches he only likes cream cheese sandwiches, cheeseburgers or grilled cheese. Sebastian ordered a plate of pulled pork with french fries, Julian had a hot dog and Lewis and I split a combination plate so we could try the ribs, chicken, french fries and the pulled pork I already knew I loved.

My favorite from the sampler was the pulled pork, tender, moist and flavorful. I don't know what is in the spice rub that they use but it was not spicy at all without skimping on flavor. I enjoyed the chicken and ribs too, but as I am not a big barbecue sauce person the spice rubbed pork was more to my liking. The french fries were also really good, made with the skins on and I assume by the large bags of potatoes in their trailer, actually made on site from real potatoes.

The menu also listed pulled pork, steak bomb, mixed veggie and supreme cheese quesadillas so vegetarians can find something. The menu states they are all celiac and nut friendly. The shocking thing about this little roadside food stop was the number of cars we saw pulling in to the McDonald's next door.

I would love to be able to report that after that yummy meal we were able to all climb cheerfully back in to the car and finished our journey in perfect harmony. However if I wrote that it would be a lie. Instead we climbed in the car less grumpily then we had gotten out and finished our journey without anyone killing anyone else and the buzz from a great vacation not completely killed. I feel that is a large enough victory given the conditions.

Vermont BBQ
Route 66 Between the Mobil station and the McDonald's at the Randolph exit from Interstate 89 (after Labor Day), Randolph, VT
Pauline Poulin and David Langhans

Last night was the Vermont BBQ's last night next to the Mobil station until September. Until then they can be found at some of the Vermont fairs including Tunbridge and Barton.


  1. I looked for a way to e-mail you, but couldn't find it. I have noticed that you are posting your recipes on other people's blogs. And I have to tell you that it's REALLY tacky.

    You can already leave your website, and your name is click-able. Every time I see you post one of your recipes on another person's blog, I get annoyed and am actually LESS likely to click on it.

    And for the record, I'm not a blogger, just a reader.

    Obviously, feel free to delete this comment.

  2. I am replying to this comment instead of deleting it as just-a-mom did not leave an e-mail address so I could reply to her directly.

    I left a comment on, which is one of my favorite blogs. In the comment I provided a link to my black bean burgers as Sarah, the blog author, is going to be making a lot of beans in the near future to save money.

    I was quite upset when I received this comment. While my comments are moderated, in the spirit of having a conversation about food with other bloggers and foodies, I have left the comment fully intact.

    My comment on Sarah's blog was along the idea of the exchange of ideas and recipes that happens at my CSA when we are all picking up vegetables. I did not actually include my recipe in the comment, I just provided a link to it. In this case if I had not already blogged about my black bean burgers I would have provided the link to the original recipe I based mine on from epicurious.

    I emailed Sarah to get her opinion. I wanted to make sure that Sarah did not have a problem with my comment. If she did I wanted her to remove it. Here is part of Sarah's reply,

    "I am the wrong person to ask about blogger etiquette. I'm just making things up as I go along. I don't know what other people think, but I'm perfectly okay with you posting links. People can click on them or not! It's up to them. In fact, you'll notice that my friend Emily really liked your black bean burger post.

    I hope this doesn't wreck your day. I am not one teensy bit concerned about it. I have checked out your blog and think you're doing a fabulous job. Keep it up.



    I am happy that Sarah was not offended or upset by my comment.

    I have also seen some blog promotion in the comments of other blogs that I found tacky, but when I noticed other bloggers leaving a link to a relevant post of theirs I thought it was fine, even before I was blogging.


  3. Hi Robin, first, thanks for visiting! So great to find a new fun blog like yours. And oh, I do adore a good roadside bbq. And for what it's worth, don't let it bother you too much. I guess I've posted links to my own blog when appropriate in comments without even thinking that it might be against some etiquette code - but I'm just a midwestern hick, what do I know about etiquette.

    And since you seem to be an expert on the subject, any comments as to spacing apart kids? Get 'em out all in a row, or maybe wait a few yrs? I guess it just happens as it happens, but its a discussion with my hubby right now, even though baby is only 4 months old.

    And if you want to see my little one...

    Sorry, just had to. ;)

  4. Beth, Your baby is beautiful!! As to kids spacing, I asked a lot of people when Sebastian was a baby until I was pregnant with Julian. I had lots of people to ask as I worked in a kids/babies department store.

    basically anything closer then 2 years 9 months and the best people can say is as least they got all the diapering done in one shot. They also said the early years go by in even more of a blur when you do that. The glowing reports about the spacing start at around 3 years. Mine where 2 years 10 months and it was great. Now my boys are best friends!!

    I was just visiting with my brother and his family and my sister in law says her girls spacing was nuts (2 years 3 months). It was like having two babies.


    p.s. To label breast milk that was going to be used soon I took rubber bands and wrote the days of the week on them and then rubber banded the bottles from that day of pumping together.

  5. Robin, Love your post. I wish we had road side BBQ selling smoked pulled pork on the Island. Not really a Canadian thing unfortunately. Did you take any pictures of dinner?

    And as for blog "etiquette" I think that Just-a-Mom needs a fresher course. Her comments to you were rude to say the least.

    Please don't let this kind of comment spoil blogging for you.


  6. Ann, I didn't get any photos of dinner as we were to busy eating it!! I only thought of posting this after I was done. I think my head was a little too cloudy without the food.

    Thanks so much for the encouragement about the blog etiquette, at first she really upset me but as I communicate with other bloggers about it I feel better and better. I just wish i had more time to blog,
    and more visitors...