Thursday, July 9, 2009

Foodie Fights or What Was I Thinking?

So far I have been really enjoying my summer with the boys. We are tending a community garden plot and really enjoying growing food in a higgledy piggdly dash of this little of that fashion. For example 2 of our broccoli plants in the middle of our row of 7 plants died. No problem, just plant the 2 okra plants that someone offers in the middle of the row of broccoli. We have tomatoes mixed with onions, eggplant in with the cucumbers, 3 cantaloupe plants in a little hill together and watermelons between the rows. The days we don't garden we have gotten together with friends, gone to the beach, visited our local science center or played in the backyard. It has been fun and relaxed, but at the end of every day I am exhausted and needing some down time.

In the midst of this I signed up for a virtual version of the Iron Chefs called Foodie Fights. There are 6 food blogs competing and we all have until Monday night to blog about a dish or meal that uses pineapple and basil. On Tuesday the 6 entries will be posted on Foodie Fights and voting opens. So somehow I have to fit this in while running around with the boys and falling down in my tracks at the end of the day.

Since I found out I was taking part all I can think of is pineapple and basil. Julian woke us up in the night because he "overflowed the banks." That means his bed was wet because he overflowed his diaper. After he was back in bed I lay awake thinking of dishes with pineapple and basil. So check in here on Monday and I will have posted and then on Tuesday go and vote for the best entry. I hope you think I have a winner.


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