Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why Hippo Flambé?

A title like Hippo Flambé deserves an explanation. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, I do not intend to post a recipe for hippo, flambéed or otherwise. I also do not plan on feeding my children hippo. However in my house when my children ask what is available to eat or what is for dinner I often say a hippo dish. My children then say, "Noooo," and I suggest another hippo dish. My favorite one to offer for their culinary enjoyment is, "rancid pygmy hippo." However that one seemed a little off putting for a food blog. Hippo flambé is my second favorite, and much more appealing for a food blog.

I also think hippo flambé says a lot about my sense of humor and my family culture. We often get into verbal sparring around here. As an example of this sparring, once when looking at a LEGO® catalog (crack catalogs for my children), we noticed a Luke Skywalker model. The description read, not to be played with. Well, we had a very enjoyable dinner that evening with everyone coming up with item descriptions as ludicrous as a toy you are not to play with. Sink: don't get wet, chair: not for sitting, pencil: not for writing, bathing suit: not for use in water... One day several months later my 6 year old and I were at a friends house and he spotted the Luke Skywalker Model. He could hardly contain his excitement and amusement at seeing it.

However back to the blog, Welcome to Hippo Flambé!!

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